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Expectorating Encrustor - Bio Art Zine


Image of Expectorating Encrustor - Bio Art Zine

24 pages risograph printed zine, 14cm x 18cm. Dark grey interiors, inkjet printed covers.

At some time in the future, a slippery, viscid and possibly inimical place - or thing - becomes known to mankind. These pages display the attempts of a 3 person research team to catalogue and investigate this "vague and hostile bio-environment". Leaf through this compact volume and view its juddering and fleshy interiors and macro-organelles for yourselves.

NB This zine was drawn, printed and hand assembled by an organism, and organisms are imperfect. In the DIY tradition, your zine may contain some or all of the following: wonkiness, scuff marks, cutting burrs, smudges, sputum, hair or fluid samples of the artist.